The sun was just coming up over the mountains today as I took my dogs for their morning walk.  I smiled as I watched the purple, pink and red clouds slowly turn to white and gold.  The air was cool rather than cold and the sweet sunshine was warm on my face.  Even though there wasn't any leaves on the trees, I could still hear the birds singing songs of Spring.  I looked up and saw both a cardinal and a blue jay flying through the sky above me.  Even my dogs seemed to notice the difference in the air. They were prancing and playing instead of just doing their morning business in the grass. The golden disk of the sun had just cleared the hillsides in the distance and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day. As I headed inside, though, I  realized something.  The beauty of the day didn't come from the warmth of the sun. It came from the warmth within my own heart and soul.

        You see, every day that we wake up alive in this world can be a beautiful day if we make it so.  It doesn't matter if it is gray and rainy or cold and snowy outside.  It doesn't matter if our lives  are full of struggles, pains, and frustrations.  Each day we are given a chance and a choice to  make it a beautiful day. 

        Make today a beautiful day then. Give the day all the warmth within you. Share your smile with others. Give a hug or an encouraging word to a struggling soul.  Be kind to those who need your kindness. Offer a helping hand to a hurting heart.  Do what you can to make this world a better and more beautiful place. Share the love that our Heavenly Father gives you with everyone you meet. It is your day and it is your choice how you live it!

         May all of your days be beautiful ones. May they be full of love, laughter, and light.  May  they help to bring you closer to God and this world closer to Heaven.
                                                                                  Joseph J. Mazzella 



         In his many books and lectures the great educator, Leo Buscaglia showed us time and again  how the love of just one person can change a life and change the world. I remember especially his story about the noted psychologist, Dr. Skeels.

        In the early 20th century orphaned children were often warehoused in badly understaffed
institutions where they received little if any attention or love. At one time Dr. Skeels took 12
of these orphaned children and let them be cared for, a few hours each day, by mentally retarded adolescent girls at a nearby institution. He also studied 12 other children who were left in the orphanage all day long. He followed these children until adulthood and the results he found were shocking. Of the 12 children left all day in the orphanage without love and attention, all were either dead, in institutions for the mentally retarded or in institutions for the mentally ill. Of the 12 children cared for and loved by the mentally retarded teenage girls all were self-supporting, most had graduated high school, and all were happily married. The only difference in the lives of these children had been the love of one person.

          God loves us all so much and His greatest wish is for us to love each other as well. Let us never forget then just how vital our love can be to another. Patrick McCauley wrote " Some of us will reach millions, most of us will reach a few, and some will reach only one person. However, given the infinite significance of each person, there is no difference in the end."

         Give your love, your kindness, and your heart to others today. You never know whom you might touch, whom you might help, and whose life you may save. As Thomas Merton said: "How can anyone tell how much he owes to the goodness of those who love him?" You may be just one person and you may touch just one person, but that alone can change the world.
                                                                                              Joseph J. Mazzella


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