A friend who passed on May 8th from a stroke. May our loving Father grant him eternal peace.
Father Pat's grand nephew who died in a car accident.
Mitch Anderson - May he rest in peace and may his family know God's consolation.
Brother Francis, Father Pat's superior at the Brothers of Christian Instruction who died from Lou Gehrigs Disease.
George Hatalsky and his deceased wife Ruth who helped pay Father Pat's seminary training to become a priest.

Our beloved Pope Francis.
Our beloved Father Pat.
All our religious and also for more priests.
All the homeless,the hungry and refugees fleeing from terrorists.

My daughter who has been diagnosed with cancer that is incurable and aggressive.
My husband’s daughter who has something in both her breasts and cancer is in her family.
Healing for my wife's short term memory.
Our daughter who is on drugs.
That when all of my problems are out of the way, I will meet someone who is very special.
My dad, for good health.
Deliverance from a sexual addiction.
Bless me in my new parish assignment.
My daughter who is on drugs.
That a man in my life enters in God's time.

Bless my dad with good health.
The courage, grace and strength to accept whatever lies ahead.
That I am able to leave the home I am currently living in; it's neither safe or healthy.
That I find a safe environment in which to live.
A woman who had a stroke.
My grandson, that he will soon be released.
Show us the way to form a sharing prayer Rosary group where we can spread the good news of Your infinite love for us each day as we pray the Rosary.
The pain in my back can be cured.
Blessings for all my deceased family.
My grandson, that he will soon find a paying job.

My husband to stop being so negative and stop his swearing and drinking.
My 15 year old grandaughter to stop flirting with the boys.
Blessings for my daughtert who has a lot of health problems and also needs surgery to remove two cysts on her head.
A special intention.
A woman who had a stroke, for healing.
The return to the Father for my daughter and her husband.
Direction in our upcoming move.
That the anger and hatred in my family has for me leaves them to their cruelty and abuse.
My grandaughter and grandson, that they are baptized.
My mom and family and several brothers and sisters.

My daughter who gave up on adoption.
That I can live in another state rather than where I am.
That my son and daughter-in-law will come back to the Church.
My daughters and son-in-law will come back to the Church.
A special intention.
A man who has cancer.
A man who has pc.say brain shrinking.
A woman who had a stroke.
A woman who has cancer.
A man who has cancer.

That I marry my beloved very, very soon.
That my daughter keeps her health and is able to prosper in her bjusiness so that she can help to support her family. Her husband passed away.
Peace in my family.
That I get the job of my dreams soon.
My grandaughter who has 4 tumors in one breast and 1 in the other.
My daughter who is a widow with 4 children.
My mother who has heart and lung problems.
My son, that he will find Jesus and come back to our family where he belongs.
My 30 year old grandaughter who is fighting cancer.
A 90 year old Mom.

The spiritual needs of our children and grandchildren.
Employment for my neighbor's daughter.
The conversion of my husband.
Help for my daughter who suffers bipolar disorder.
My daughter, that she learns about love and relationships.
My family, to come back to the Church.
Thank You for all my blessings and graces always.
Mommy and baby, for a safe delivery.
A young man with brain neurysm.
My son, to get a teaching job.

The return to faith for my family.
An increase in vocations.
Peace in the world.
My health.
A cure for my eye sight.
My family, to stay together.
Success in dieting and lifestyle changes to control diabetes.
My health.
My sons jobs.
Me, to forgive my in-laws.

A young man with a brain tumor.
My grandchildren, to stay healthy.
My daughter who needs help with emotional problems.
Please free me of Satan and his followers. It's been going on for a long time. I'm being harrassed.
To not hold a grudge.
My grandson who has health problems.
My daughter, son and grandchildren.
Myself, to be able to forgive.
Salvation for my entire family.
Good health for my daughter, she has a lot of problems, possibly including surgery.

All the souls in Purgatory.
My daughter's success at work.
A spouse for my daughter.
To be free of distractions during prayer, especially during Mass.
My sins of the tongue.
That my daughter and son-in-law be good parents.
My son who passed at the age of 42.
My adopted daughter and her son who are trying to care for her husband who has cancer.
In thanks giving to God for all the blessings He has showered on my family.
My wonderful, Catholic hard working neighbors and all their animals

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