My daughter, Robin, 57, who died July 15th after a long battle with cancer. May her soul rest in peace. And may
our Lord bring peace and comfort to her family and friends.
The repose of the soul of a woman who has died.

Five congressmen who were shot and required surgery, for complete healing.
30 people dead, 80 injured in a high rise fire in London, England.
My friend’s brother, in his late fifties; who died after receiving a heart transplant. due to infections he was unable to fight, for strength and peace for his family and loved ones.
Over 120 people buried by a massive landslide in China.

Our beloved Pope Francis
Our beloved Father Pat
All our religious and also for more priests
All the homeless and the hungry all over the world.
World Peace
The end of terrorism all over the world.

A very special priest who is suffering a rare skin disease; for God's complete healing soon.
A dear friend’s husband suffering ‘lumps’ on his back and also an enlarged prostate, for God's special healing.
Our wonderful parish priest, in thanks for his great homilies and his very happy and friendly greetings to all his parishioners.
Direction and fortitude for those who are waging the battle for our Church.
Guidance from our Lord and His spirit for the path I believe He has chosen, and for wisdom and understanding of His will.
Conversion for two men.
Healing from alcoholism.
A couple, for them to return to the Catholic Church.
Continual blessing for my family and friends.
My sister and dad, to return to the Church.

A woman who has a number of anxieties.
.A successful ministry talk.
A woman who is ill.
Courage and confidence.
A son, 35 years old, with a wife and a son, who needs a pacemaker.
A young lady who is having a medical examination these days in Mexico.
A man who is hospitalized with blockage complications.
A parish in need of healing.
Someone who is having cataract surgery.
A fruitful ministry for a parish pastoral staff person.
Prayers of direction and fortitude for those who are waging the battle for the Sacred Heart and the Immaulate Heart, may God give us courage.
My son who has a mental illness.
Bless me, so I can work for You.
My daughter's marriage problems.
Health of self and family.
All my relatives and friends.
Nephew's diabetes.
A man.

In thanks giving for successful surgery and for complete healing for my grandson after his implant surgery.
Healing for my emphasema.
Healing of my depression.
Mom's legs.
My nieces, to return to Church.
Healing for colon polyps.
Our kids, that they find their faith and return to Church.
Our health and our families.
Esopheageal Stricture.
Dad's heart.
Good health.
Mom's ears.
My obesity.
Our family's health.
My daughter's marriage.
Conversion and peace in the world.
My deceased husband and all the faithful departed.
A family member facing major surgery.

A teenager who hates all kinds of restriction as well as her wonderful mother, that she soon learns to respect herself and her family before she gets into serious trouble..
Conversion and peace in the world.
My deceased husband and all the faithful departed.
A family member facing major surgery.
The return of my grandson to Church.
The courage to bear my pain.
My four children.
My recurrent infections to clear up.
That the problems in my marriage can be worked out.

My ten year old son's desire to become a priest if it is God's will.
Our parish, to be able to continue and grow.
Good health for my wife.
My brother, to find his 'niche'.
Good health for my husband.
That I may be free of cancer.
My nephew, to find his 'niche'.
My daughter, to return to the Church.
A friend, to regain eyesight and health.
Souls in Heaven

My daughter, to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby.
A woman, that she will be filled with the Holy Spirit, that she is waiting for Him to call her and spread His love.
Our son who has fallen away from the Church.
My grandson who will be coming home soon, that he will follow all instructions, and that God will forgive him for his errors.
My aunt, that she may find God's love in her life.
That my biopsy will come back clear.
My daughter, to find a good job.
That my daughter's professor will stop making sexual advances at her.
My sister, that she may find God's love in her life.
The holy souls in Purgatory.

My brother-in-law, that he has a peaceful family life.
My son, to return to Church.
Peace in my home.
Help me accept my depression.
My family, that we can find peace and love and be more understanding and forgiving.
My friend to find God.
May our son-in-law find suitable employment soon.
My husband, to find work.
Peace in our world.

My husband and myself, save our souls.
My nieces, that we will forgive each other.
Healing of diabetes.
More vocations.
That God will soon put some direction in my life.
My drinking problem, that I can stop it.
My sister who has congested heart failure.
Peace in Israel and the world.
My husband, that he makes peace with family members.
My four children and their familys, save their souls.

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