God gives us little winter birds
For those grey and dreary days,
Their joyful songs and cheery colours
Make us start our days with praise.

Their chirping strikes a chord of happiness 
That resonates throughout the day,
The love within us meets the love
And in the Spirit Lord we pray.

The sun it shines more brightly
The sky becomes more blue,
The world becomes a symphony
Its perfection played for me and you.

Then as the day grows older
The birds become more still,
All that's heard is gentle chatter
From the hedgerow to the hill.

The night arrived, brings with it peace
The one last prayer we pray,
Is one of sweet thanksgiving
For today and yesterday.

                                    Margaret Rose Larrivee



When I first felt what pain would be
I was ill prepared for God's plan for me,
For we  His children know not His pain
It is why we hang our heads in shame.

My heart is broken I long to share
The burden of Your every care,
My promises I can't complete
For we Your children Lord, are weak.

I don't know why I cannot be
The child You created, mainly me,
Why do I copy other's traits?
His gifts for you, with Holy Hands He makes.

From here on in I'll do my best
To put my God not to the test,
With all that He has given me
I'll be the best that I can be.

                            Margaret Rose Larrivee


By special request of Father Pat, our Poetry page will be forevermore
dedicated to our dear friend and poet laureate
Margaret Rose Larrivee

Words by Mary Lewe Cameron - Music by Mary Lou Geyer
Performed by the Queen of Peace Choir
"A song for our own Queen of Peace Parish, Hamilton, Ohio"

Music: Queen Of Peace
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