Since I gave my yes to suffering
I've been sorely put to the test,
My days and nights replete with pain
Lord I do my very best.

I know Lord I've let you down
So in the night we meet to pray,
Sometimes I'm weak and fail to do
My promised quota for the day.

He tells me that He understands
How His Father sent an angel,
To love and comfort me
In the garden of Gethsemane.

It has been an evening to remember
My soul will not soon forget,
I will dwell upon this memory 
For it will be the best as yet.

                                    Margaret Rose Larrivee



Even as a little girl
I knew that special scent,
That Spring had come to visit
A truly momentous event.

You needed not a calendar
To tell the date, the hour,
Just to gently breathe it in
You'll enjoy a fragrance shower.

Everything seems so fresh so new
Each breath a miracle to savour,
With the tip of our tongues we take delight
In each and every flavour.

The many shades of God's handiwork
Unto the large and small,
Each perfect in all its facets
Each perfect one and all.

                                         Margaret Rose Larrivee


By special request of Father Pat, our Poetry page will be forevermore
dedicated to our dear friend and poet laureate
Margaret Rose Larrivee

Words by Mary Lewe Cameron - Music by Mary Lou Geyer
Performed by the Queen of Peace Choir
"A song for our own Queen of Peace Parish, Hamilton, Ohio"

Music: Queen Of Peace
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