At the time of the Crucifixion, the dogwood tree was as large and as strong as the oak, and was chosen as the timber for the cross.

     To be used for this purpose distressed the tree, and Jesus, in His pity promised: "Never again shall you grow large enough to be used for a cross. Henceforth the dogwood tree shall be slender and twisted; its blossoms in the form of a cross . . . two long and two short petals. At the edge of each petal there shall be nail prints; in the center of the flower, a crown of thorns. And this tree shall be cherished as a reminder of My Cross."

     So it has been, and the springtime flowering of the dogwood has remained a symbol of divine sacrifice and the triumph of eternal life.
     When on the cross My Lord did bleed
     Life seemed to die, death died indeed.


( Matthew 5:9)

 O sweet and holy Jesus You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords and the Prince of Peace. Most Merciful Saviour, bring much needed peace to all troubled parts of the World, where hatred and violence, rage and the fear of war spurs despair among mankind  May the leaders of nations make wise choices based on the common good of humanity rather than decisions based on prideful and political displays of power.  May dialogue and understanding overcome the deep seated wounds of groups pitted against one another by anger and distrust.  In Your loving kindness grant comfort to the displaced, healing to the wounded and mercy to all those who have lost their lives Please protect all of those in harm's way and allow justice and peace to  reign together.  May the voice of Your Church continue to boldly proclaim the Gospel of Peace, for You told us, "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God."

   I pray for hope.  I need hope for a better future.  I need hope for a better life.  I need hope for love and kindness.  Some say that the sky is at its darkest just before the light.  I pray that this is true, for all seems dark.  I need Your light, Lord, in every way.  I pray to be filled with Your light from  head to toe, to bask in Your glory.  To know that all is right in the world,  as You have planned, and as  You want it to be.  Help me to walk in Your light, and live  my life in faith and glory.  In Your name I pray. Amen  

Music: Holy Holy Holy
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