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 Father Pat's 5th Book
Come Full Circle
Come Full Circle
He Redeems My Life From Destruction

Some say that God writes straight with the crooked lines of our lives ... I believe He takes all the lines, crooked and straight, and forms them into His perfect circles.

Father Pat's 4th Book
"Called ... At Home on The Road"
The story of Father Pat's vocation, how God has called him to truly be at home on the road. It is meant to help all readers look for and listen for God's calling voice in their own daily lives. (224 pgs.)
  "Speaking God's Love to a Broken World"
A Trilogy of Father Pat's    first 3 books:
   He Loves Me"
"A Log in a Stream"
"Now I Think I Could   Almost Fly!" (464 pgs.)
Note: All 5 of Father Pat's books (above)
are now available in Kindle format on

"God Speaks to His
Broken People"

2010 Revised Edition of
"Letters from The Spirit of
God's Gift House"
(48 pages)

He Loves Me
A song given to
Father Pat

Saint Patrick's
Rosary Brochure
Learn how to say this

Rosary Brochure
Learn how to say
the Rosary

Mysteries of God's Love

 A Rosary Meditation CD
Recorded by Fr. Pat & Friends. Includes: "Hail Mary" music written by Rich Sbardella, sung by Rich & Lynn Sbardella, and "He Loves Me" sung by the parishioners of Saint Anthony Mary Claret Parish, San Antonio, TX
Books by
Father Pat

(read by volunteers)

Available only
audio cassetts

A Log in a Stream

Now I Think I Could Almost Fly!

     Publications Available on CD     
Parish Mission Talks given by Father Pat
(4 CDs per set)
All Parish Mission Talks are actual parish missions given by
Father Pat and recorded live in a parish

Parish Missions # 1, 2, 3, 4
Parish Missions # 5, 6, 7

Parish Missions # 8, 9, 10, 11
     The above publications are offered for your further reading, listening and spiritual growth. All of the 'Mission Series' CDs listed are actual parish missions given by Father Pat and taped live in a parish. There is no 'price' charged for the items on the list. However, we ask you in your charity to please remember it does cost to have these materials available. We make these publications and recordings available to you with whatever offerings are sent to us. Offering checks should accompany your order since we do not publish the CDs ourselves, but must pay for them as ordered.
Thank you for your generosity, your love and your prayerful support of our work with the broken of this world.
God bless you and yours.
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No price is charged for these publications.
They are made available for whatever offering you send us.
Print and fill out the form below and mail to:

     Quantity Ink Print Publications          Offering
     __________ Come Full Circle (208 pgs.)
    $  ____________
     __________ Called...At Home on the Road (224 pgs.)        _____________
     __________ Speaking God's Love to a Broken World
(Trilogy 464 pgs.)
     __________ God Speaks to His Broken People(48 pgs.)         ____________
     __________ St. Patrick's Rosary Brochure         ____________
     __________ The Rosary Brochure         ____________
     __________ He Loves Me Brochure         ____________
  Audio CD Recordings  
  Father Pat's Mission Talks (4 CDs per set)  
     __________   # 1 God's Love in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 2 Prayer in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 3 Joy in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 4 God's Faithfulness in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 5 The Eucharist in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 6 Faith in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 7 God's Calling in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________   # 8  The Rosary in our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________    # 9 Who is God in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________  # 10 Peace in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________      #11 God's Redeeming Love in Our Broken Lives     ____________
     __________ Mysteries of God's Love
   (Rosary Meditation - 1 CD
     __________ Fantastic! He Loves Me! (10 CDS)     ____________
     __________ Called...At Home on The Road (6 CDS)     ____________
     __________ Come Full Circle     ____________
Below, Available While Supplies Last -
on Audio Cassettes ONLY
     __________ A Log in a Stream       ____________
     __________ Now I Think I Can Almost Fly!       ____________
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