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      Please pray for our scheduled missions that many, many, many will be helped to discover God's redeeming love in their broken lives! God bless you all!!!


     In 1979 I was first asked to preach a "Parish Mission" on God's Love in our Broken Lives at St. Michael's Parish, Sunbury, Pennsylvania. Since then requests have come from over 1200 parishes all over the English speaking world! One priest talks to another, or one parishioner talks to a family member or friend in another parish, another state, another country! These requests have spread the message of God's love in our broken lives all over this world, and the requests never quit coming in! Missions are being booked now for 2018 and 2019! May God bless our Parish Missions all over the world and may He bless abundantly all those whose sharings have spread them world wide!





To schedule a parish mission, retreat or other program the parish should contact:
Patricia Kozar by email at:
jerry-patkozar@satx.rr.com or by phone at: (210) 679-8434



Father Pat's mission format has been changed. At all missisons he will introduce and preach at all the parish's weekend masses. Monday and Tuesday nights he will celebrate the mission mass and talk for that day. He will have 4 hours of confessions each Monday and Tuesday. Then the mission program on Monday and Tuesday will end Tuesday night. This is his new schedule and format without exception.
Father Pat's Mission Calendar 2017 - to come

PADRE PIO PRAYER GROUP for Peace, San Antonio, TX

10:00AM-Noon - St. Padre Pio Prayer Group for peace. In the late 1930's as the threat of World War II was looming more and more on the horizon, His Holiness Pope Pius XII called all Catholics worldwide to join regularly in prayer groups for peace. Hearing the call, St. Padre Pio formed a "prayer group for peace" at his hospital in Italy, telling the sick that prayer was the one thing they could do!!! His prayer group grew and other prayer groups soon followed all over the world. His prayer group structure was simple, uncomplicated: the public praying of the Rosary led those attending into the Mass; the Mass ended with a short fervorino (motivational talk) to inspire them for the coming month. Padre Pio always then made himself available for those desiring guidance or Confessions... Looking at how similar our world is today to the world of Pius XII and Padre Pio, the Archbishop of San Antonio, TX, called for the formation of a "Padre Pio Prayer Group" in his own diocese to pray for peace today. Father Pat, now living with his sister and brother-in-law, Patricia and Deacon Jerome Kozar, in San Antonio, was appointed Spiritual Moderator for the new prayer group. The group meets on the second Saturday of each month at the Shrine of Padre Pio, in San Antonio, and follows the simple structure handed on by Saint Padre Pio. Please join with us on the second Saturday morning of each month from your homes, wherever in the world, to pray for peace! There's no registration, no dues. Just pray with us from your living room or whatever favorite prayer corner on the second Saturday of each month. If you find yourself in Texas on the second Saturday of any month, please join us to pray fervently for world peace at our dear Shrine of St. Padre Pio!


Thank you for your prayers ! ! !
To schedule a parish mission, a retreat or other program the parish should contact
Patricia Kozar at jerry-patkozar@satx.rr.com
phone: (210) 679-8434
Thank you for the Support of Your Prayers!

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